Let’s Try, Capital Credit Car Loans Without Usury

The public is increasingly restless with car loans with super large interest, a lot of usury that does not provide benefits for Muslims. Actually, at present there is a solution if the public wants credit, through financing or leasing based on sharia principles. Want to know what this Islamic leasing is like, don’t forget to read this article until it runs out.

A law is dependent on ta’rif (definition) and practice

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This applies to all types of legal products, both sharia products and conventional products. As it is known that leasing in sharia banking practices can be applied through two implementation channels, namely murabaha products and musharaka products. If the lease is applied following murabaha products, the following conditions apply, namely:

• No down payment (down payment)
• Installments are applied with a base price scheme plus benefits
• Installments for each installment period are a gradual installment.
• Transfer of title or commonly known as leavering, occurs since the beginning of the contract agreement and is perfect ownership.

Just like car loans in general, Islamic car loans also apply the tenor repayment. The maximum tenor is up to 5 years. Your payment track record will also affect your credit score as a debtor.

Where your credit score will be tracked every month

If you experience difficulties in car loan payments, you can try the payment through the Giant application, where the payment system will be directly tracked and you will get a credit score in the form of a giant score that can increase your credit score and your digital credibility value directly will increase or decrease in accordance with the smoothness and timeliness of you in paying car loans.

In Islamic banks, financing motor vehicles or car loans using the murabaha system. For information, murabaha is a sale and purchase agreement between an Islamic bank and a customer. In the murabaha contract, the types and quantity of goods will be explained later.

There continues to be details regarding the profit margins that banks take in exchange for interest

For example, a bank buys a car that you want for USD 300 million. Then the car was handed over to you for USD 310 million. That means the bank took a profit margin of USD 10 million. At this point, do you understand how Islamic banks can profit? A lease can at one time be declared as haram, but it can also be called halal on the one hand, depending on its practice and at the same time its definitions.

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