Loans to finance a wedding, medical operations, treatments

A celebration such as a wedding or a communion, a medical treatment or an operation … is expensive projects for which, possibly, we would have to resort to external financing. Below we show you some of the loans for weddings, medical operations, and treatments that we can currently find in the banking market for these types of contingencies that can reach significant sums of money.

How much does it cost to fund a celebration or medical treatment?

How much does it cost to fund a celebration or medical treatment?

These types of events have in common that can be very expensive for our pocket and for which we have not always had time to save or a cost forecast.

Both celebrations (whether weddings, communions or baptisms), as well as health issues (treatments and medical operations), have personalized financing options offered by credit institutions or banks and that adapt their nature: it is a high-cost operation, for which they will need extensive repayment terms and with interest rates adapted to the purpose of the money.

First, we will estimate the costs of organizing your wedding, as well as the price of certain health-related operations. Finally, we will compare the best loans to finance a wedding, medical operations, treatments …

How much does it cost to finance a celebration?


During 2016 there was an increase in prices of about 3% in the organization of weddings and communions, stimulated in part by the ease in granting loans and personal loans by banks, thanks to the Low-interest rates on interbank loans imposed by the ECB and that encourages consumers to spend more.

To analyze the costs of organizing a celebration such as those already mentioned, we will use the data collected by the report presented by the Federation of Independent Consumer Users. The total cost of organizing a wedding in 2016 is between $ 11,864 and $ 21,205, the average being 16,534 dollars.

The final price will also depend on the Autonomous Community in which the event is held, being Madrid, Barcelona and the Valencian Community the most expensive destinations. As for the rest of the celebrations, the average price of communion in Spain is 2,500 dollars and that of a baptism of 2,000 $.

If your savings and the contributions of the guests are not enough to pay the full cost of the celebration, it is time to think about other sources of financing, such as personal loans for the organization of celebrations and that we will see at the end of the article.

How much does it cost to finance a medical operation or treatment?

Unfortunately, not all medical operations are covered by Social Security. If in addition to this, you do not have private medical insurance, you will have no choice but to face the costs of the operation with your savings.

Cases such as plastic surgery operations or an expensive visit to the dentist can shake your entire home economy. Giving a price about a medical operation is very complicated since it depends on factors such as the reputation of the doctor in the case of plastic surgery operations, facilities and, obviously, the type of operation.

In the same way that happens with the financing of the celebrations, if we need help, we can use the personal loans explained below.

Best loans to finance a wedding, medical operations, treatments …

Best loans to finance a wedding, medical operations, treatments ...

Both the celebration of a wedding and the payment of a medical operation are high expenses as a rule. Therefore, we will not use any credit or loan from the market, but one that has certain characteristics: capital sufficiently high since these are acts and treatments with a high amount, sufficiently long terms …

Good Finance Loan

Good Finance offers a loan destined for endless purposes, such as celebrations, weddings, baptisms, communions … as well as expensive medical treatments. It is one of the loans that are currently offering the lowest interest rate in the market, in addition to having no opening or cancellation fees.

  • Interest rate: from 5.95% TIN (6.12% APR)
  • Financing: from $ 3,000 to $ 50,000.
  • Term: you can return it with a minimum term of 3 months and a maximum of 8 years.
  • No commissions

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