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C Section Meaning #8 Wikipedia

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C Section Meaning #8 Wikipedia

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 C Section Meaning  #1 Women With A Circumvallate Placenta Will Have To Deliver By C-section.Figure 1 (wonderful C Section Meaning  #2)Figure 1 (ordinary C Section Meaning  #3)A Cesarean Section Or C-section. Is The Delivery Of The Baby Through A  Surgical Incision In The Mothers Abdomen And Uterus (attractive C Section Meaning #4)Indications For Cesarean Section Chart ( C Section Meaning #5)Cesarean Section | Definition Of Cesarean Section By Medical Dictionary ( C Section Meaning Good Looking #6)A Cesarean Section Or C-section. Is The Delivery Of The Baby Through A  Surgical Incision In The Mothers Abdomen And Uterus ( C Section Meaning  #7) C Section Meaning  #8 WikipediaC Section Meaning Photo Gallery #9 The Uterine Lining Is Shed During Menstruation.C Section Vs Normal Delivery – Everything You Need To Know ( C Section Meaning  #10) C Section Meaning  #11 Abdomend C Section Recovery Support Belt
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Roman numerals,
  • the numerals in the ancient Roman system of notation, still used for certain limited purposes, as in some pagination, dates on buildings, etc. The common basic symbols are  I (=1), V (=5), X (=10), L (=50), C (=100), D (=500), and  M (=1000). The Roman numerals for one to nine are: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX. A bar over a letter multiplies it by 1000;
    thus, X̄ equals 10,000. Integers are written according to these two rules: If a letter is immediately followed by one of equal or lesser value, the two values are added;
    thus, XX equals 20, XV equals 15, VI equals 6. If a letter is immediately followed by one of greater value, the first is subtracted from the second;
    thus, IV equals 4, XL equals 40, CM equals 900. Examples: XLVII(=47), CXVI(=116), MCXX(=1120), MCMXIV(=1914). Roman numerals may be written in lowercase letters, though they appear more commonly in capitals.
  • Section

    sec•tion (sekshən),USA pronunciation n. 
    1. a part that is cut off or separated.
    2. a distinct part or subdivision of anything, as an object, country, community, class, or the like: the poor section of town; the left section of a drawer.
    3. a distinct part or subdivision of a writing, as of a newspaper, legal code, chapter, etc.: the financial section of a daily paper; section 2 of the bylaws.
    4. one of a number of parts that can be fitted together to make a whole: sections of a fishing rod.
    5. (in most of the U.S. west of Ohio) one of the 36 numbered subdivisions, each one square mile (2.59 sq. km or 640 acres), of a township.
    6. an act or instance of cutting;
      separation by cutting.
      • the making of an incision.
      • an incision.
    7. a thin slice of a tissue, mineral, or the like, as for microscopic examination.
    8. a representation of an object as it would appear if cut by a plane, showing its internal structure.
    9. [Mil.]
      • a small unit consisting of two or more squads.
      • Also called  staff section. any of the subdivisions of a staff.
      • a small tactical division in naval and air units.
      • a division of a sleeping car containing both an upper and a lower berth.
      • a length of trackage, roadbed, signal equipment, etc., maintained by one crew.
    10. any of two or more trains, buses, or the like, running on the same route and schedule at the same time, one right behind the other, and considered as one unit, as when a second is necessary to accommodate more passengers than the first can carry: On holidays the New York to Boston train runs in three sections.
    11. a segment of a naturally segmented fruit, as of an orange or grapefruit.
    12. a division of an orchestra or band containing all the instruments of one class: a rhythm section.
    13. [Bookbinding.]signature (def. 8).
    14. Also called  section mark. a mark used to indicate a subdivision of a book, chapter, or the like, or as a mark of reference to a footnote.
    15. [Theat.]one of a series of circuits for controlling certain lights, as footlights.
    16. shape (def. 12).

    1. to cut or divide into sections.
    2. to cut through so as to present a section.
    3. to make an incision.


    mean•ing (mēning),USA pronunciation n. 
    1. what is intended to be, or actually is, expressed or indicated;
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    2. the end, purpose, or significance of something: What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of this intrusion?
      • the nonlinguistic cultural correlate, reference, or denotation of a linguistic form;
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    1. intentioned (usually used in combination): She's a well-meaning person.
    2. full of significance;
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    meaning•ly, adv. 
    meaning•ness, n. 

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